Burgess New Venture Challenge

There are presently no open calls for submissions.

The Burgess New Venture Challenge combines the Broad Business Model competition, sponsored by the MSU Eli Broad College of Business/Burgess Institute, and the GreenLight Michigan Business Model Competition, managed by Spartan Innovations. The newly formed competition focuses on providing Michigan State University students the resources, support, and programming necessary to maximize their ideas and potential. The challenge offers a total prize of $50,000 cash prizes.

If this company won a monetary award at GreenLight Michigan or Broad Business Model Competition in 2018, I am not eligible for Burgess New Venture Competition 2019.

Students graduating December 2018 are eligibile to compete, as long as they will still have a MSU student on their team who owns equity in spring 2019.

If you submitted an Intent-to-Compete, and attended the workshops and the Mentor Night, you are on to the final step of submitting your business plan! Business plans are due by midnight on Sunday, March 10, 2019.